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The Human Cancer Risks Posed by Extreme Fossil Fuel Extraction

We cancer survivors, who know something about the fragility of life, hereby declare that the exchange of life-giving water for death-dealing fossil fuel is unacceptable.

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We do not consent to the delivery of our drinking water into the radioactive bowels of the earth. We will not negotiate with those who think that additional cases of leukemia, bladder, colon, and lung cancer are just part of the price you pay for gas. Tear up the ransom note. Find another energy plan. Set a sustainable course.

For extra emphasis, place the call from your oncologist's office. Hit the send button while the IV drip is being changed. Add a plastic hospital wrist bracelet to the envelope. Or a collage constructed of ultrasound images. Or a lock of hair—the one that fell out in the shower shortly after the treatments began. Speaking out takes many forms.

© Sandra Steingraber, 2012

Ecologist, author, and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized authority on the environmental links to cancer and reproductive health.

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