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Mitt Romney's America: Five Pictures From the Future

Romney's endorsement of the Ryan budget paints a chilling picture of where he plans to take America

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Their tax policy, along with the dismantling of our retirement security, will guide us toward that H.G. Wells world, where a small pampered elite frolicking in luxurious gardens while the rest of the country struggles in dark underground tunnels of job insecurity and financial difficulty.

3. Starving America

And a lot of those "underground Americans" will starve. As the  Center for Budget and Policy Priorities documents, 62 percent of the Ryan/Romney cuts come from programs that serve low-income communities.

Millions of people would ">lose access to food stamps

or see their benefits cut substantially, even though studies have shown that this program doesn't contribute to the deficit in any substantial way. (In other words, they're just doing it because they don't like people in need.)

The Ryan/Romney plan to promote what Ryan calls "Welfare Reform Part 2" ignores the lessons of Part 1. By reducing funds and turning many of these programs back to the states, their plan would subject low-income Americans to humiliating tests, steep benefit cuts, and other cutbacks.

The end result would be a steep increase in food insecurity and hunger, in a nation that's already at or near the top of the charts for these problems when compared to other industrialized nations. In fact, at  last report more than 9 percent of US homes experienced "food insecurity" and 5.4 percent of homes were severely food insecure. Expect those figures to rise sharply in Ryan and Romney's America.

4. Death-Star America

Romney and Ryan don't want to cut all government spending. They're proposing steep increases to defense expenditures, in ways that clearly violate the last "grand bargain" between Congressional Republicans and the President.

When combined with their steep cuts elsewhere, which reduces all non-mandated government spending to something close to zero, the Romney/Ryan vision of government is one that provides less than the bare minimum to its citizens while spending many times (see  CBPP and Matt Yglesias for more) what other nations spend on extravagant and needless military programs.




Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would turn our nation into an armed fortress, ringed on the outside with expensive but often nonfunctional science-fiction weaponry and rotting from within from poverty and fear.

5. Obscene-Wealth America

That's the world the rest of us would live in. But for wealthy people like Mitt Romney life would be very sweet indeed. Millionaires would get to keep their extravagant Bush tax cuts, under which a top tax rate that was 91 percent under Eisenhower and 70 percent under Reagan is only 35 percent - and Ryan and Romney would top that off by giving them another $265,000 per year in cuts!

As the  CBPP reports, " After-tax incomes would rise by 12.5 percent among millionaires, but just 1.9 percent for middle-income households" - and after the many other cuts and "loophole closings" in Romney/Ryan, after-tax income would actually plummet for those middle-income families.

Conclusion: RomneyWorld USA

All that - and it doesn't even reduce the deficit! In fact,  Ira Stoll correctly notes in Reason that "it would increase federal outlays to $4,888 billion in 2022 from $3,624 billion in 2012, an increase of about 35% over ten years."

And yet Ryan's being celebrated in the media as a "bold" advocate for deficit reduction, and he's Mitt Romney's right-hand man on the economy. Americans need to understand what kind of country we will become if they succeed. Mitt Romney is likely to become the standard-bearer for his party, and he has embraced this vision of the future.

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