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New Super-PAC Threatens to Destroy Candidates Who Side With the People Over Wall Street

Banks are pioneering a more cost-effective method of dealing with legislators who stand in their way.

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This is about the biggest corporations remaining dominant , using government power to channel tax dollars their way, while hampering competition -- especially from smaller, less powerful companies.

These Supreme Court decisions have unleashed executives who control the biggest companies to use their financial power to consolidate their control over our system, for their personal benefit. The result of unleashing unlimited money on our political system will not be greater freedom of speech, it will necessarily mean that the biggest, wealthiest and most ruthless corporations and individuals will gain ever-greater control over government. The most money will always win, when money is what decides.

This power to use unlimited amounts to influence public officials will not just be used to benefit the interests of those influencing our government, it will be to influence government power  against competing companies and individuals . Smaller companies in the same industries, and startups with new technologies that threaten to compete with the giants (alternative energy, for example), won't stand a chance because the rules will now necessarily be bent against them.

The Supreme Court has altered our system in fundamental ways. Allowing money to drown out the voices of We, the People will not only threaten our democracy, it also threatens the market system in which companies compete through innovation, service and quality. The solution is to prohibit the use of corporate funds  for any purpose  beyond operating the company, and to strictly limit the use of money in political campaigns. Oh, and prohibit elected officials, their staff and other government workers from going to work in the private sector for significantly more than they were making while working for government.


Dave Johnson is a fellow at Campaign for America's Future and a senior fellow at Renew California .

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