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A Photographer's Mission to Show That Breast Cancer Is More Than Pink Ribbons

In this Q&A with photographer David Jay, he says he hopes his photos raise awareness of the realities of breast cancer, which are too often hidden "behind a little pink ribbon."

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A: I jump back and forth from a fashion shot to a SCAR Project shot. I'm starting my next project now. It's kind of SCAR Project 2.0, the Unknown Soldier. It's a series of large portraits of very young men and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, with arms, legs blown off.

I know these kinds of things have been shot before, exhibitions of wounded soldiers, but they are often clothed. I don't think they show the stumps, the disfigurement. The uniform is on, rolled up to wherever they've lost their leg. I'm trying to show the real deal. That's what they see when they get up the morning. They see the real deal.

Amy DePaul is a writer and college instructor who lives in Irvine, Calif. Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post and many other newspapers.

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