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6 Reasons You Should Give to an Abortion Fund

There's an urgent need to help low-income women receive abortion care.

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2. You will be helping women in crisis in a direct, tangible way. Abortion funds have low overhead -- most are unpaid volunteer groups with a letterhead, a cellphone and a tiny budget for postage, house party refreshments and the like. You will know that your money is going to the women who need it, almost as if you opened up your wallet and put the money in their hands yourself. Most social ills are much more complicated; most crucial medical care is much more expensive. An unwanted pregnancy is one problem that can be completely solved, preventing a cascade of troubles -- interrupted education, job loss, housing loss, family crisis or even medical catastrophe.

3. Perhaps, like one in three American women, you yourself have had an abortion. (Or perhaps your daughter, your sister, your mother or your friend did.) Maybe money wasn’t an issue -- but maybe it was, and other people helped out. By donating to an abortion fund, you are paying it forward -- giving other women what you were given, or were fortunate enough not to have to ask others for. You are paying forward the safe, legal care you received -- or making sure that no other woman has to go through the illegal procedure you or women you know had to endure. Isn’t that just the right thing to do?

4. You will be making choice real. What is the right to choose if you can’t afford to exercise it? Today “abortion is a privilege and not a right,” says Val Vilott of the DC Abortion Fund. Is that the America you want to live in?

5. You are helping to shape the women leaders of tomorrow, the ones who will make social change. You know those supposedly missing younger feminists? Abortion funds are one place you’ll find them.

6. You will feel a deep sense of satisfaction. “There’s something really powerful about knowing that because of you, a woman can continue on the path she’s set out for herself,” says Megan Peterson of NNAF. “It feels really good.”

Please give generously and help abortion funds help women who have no place else to turn. Do it for choice. For women. For yourself. But do it. You can find an abortion fund near you at Or send a check to the National Network of Abortion Funds, PO Box 170280, Boston, MA 02117.

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