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Community versus Individualism: How To Tell The Progressive Story

Metaphors—and the broader narratives a candidate, party, and political movement use to tell their story—are the building blocks of short and long-term success in politics.

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Progressives in America have suffered in the last four decades in great part because they allowed their narrative story to get disjointed and scraggly. We have to remind people that a broad based, prosperous, expanding middle class is what made America the envy of the world, and that the only reason we created it was a conscious strategy where we invested in our people and lifted our people up rather than waiting for the wealthy to trickle down blessings from above. We have to remind people that in working together and looking out for each other, we do actually make our economy and our country a better place. We have to remind people that when everyone is out for their own and devil take the hindmost, that a few get wealthy, but most of us lose.

Progressives can win the fight over narrative and metaphor, and it is important that we do. We need to tell our story of community.

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