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The 11 Dumbest Things Conservatives Have Said About Women

From Rush Limbaugh to the Pope, it's been one of the worst months ever for verbalized sexism.

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7. Booing birth control at the GOP debate. In response to a rather mild question from a voter about "which candidate believes in birth control?" the GOP audience burst into emphatic booing. Whether these Bronx cheers were due to the question or to birth control itself is sort of irrelevant. The GOP, after all, politicized the birth control mandate issue.

8. Democrats and Republicans sitting together is "like date rape." From Stephen A. Moore of the Wall Street Journal, responding to the State of the Union address's unorthodox seating arrangement. As Kelsey Wallace notes in a sharp rejoinder to Moore: "Jokes like these contribute to rape culture and trivialize the experiences of victims of actual date rape. Having to sit next to someone you don't like is something we all learn to live with starting in kindergarten...."

9. My wife won't sleep with me because of this ultrasound provision. Isn't that hilarious? It came from lawmaker Dave Albo of Virginia, who went on a long comedy-like routine about how he couldn't get laid thanks to the "transvaginal" (which he called trans-V) provision. It was one of the frattiest moments ever filmed in a long history of fratty lawmaking moments. I'll let  Erin Gloria Ryan's takedown stand on its own: "Telling a story about the implications of abortion legislation on your personal dick is completely tone-deaf and assy, not to mention a disturbing testament to just how unaffected by abortion restrictions the middle-aged men who make laws actually are. For Virginia women, it's a matter of having something inserted into their vaginas...for the men making the laws, it's just another catalyst for a hilarious anecdote told over a game of golf."

And two bonus round comments. 10. and 11. The Pope says couples who conceive using in vitro fertilization are arrogant while a DC blogger notes that lady journalists who are nice-looking in their Twitter avatars can't be serious.  


The silver lining to all this obnoxiousness? "Pro-women" posturing from the GOP's extremist members has gone out the window. The fact that they hate us, and that underlies their policy, is now out in the air for all to see.

Sarah Seltzer is an associate editor at AlterNet and a freelance writer based in New York City. Her work has been published at the Nation, the Christian Science Monitor, Jezebel and the Washington Post. Follow her on Twitter at @fellowette and find her work at

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