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9 Santorum Speeches That Make Me Want to Throw Up

The thought of living under a neo-theocracy makes me kind of queasy.

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Some are suggesting we're trying to change the law, we're trying to break the rules. Remarkable. Remarkable hubris. I mean, imagine, the rule has been in place for 214 years that this is the way we confirm judges. Broken by the other side two years ago, and the audacity of some members to stand up and say, "How dare you break this rule?" It's the equivalent of Adolf Hitler in 1942: "I'm here in Paris. How dare you invade me? How dare you bomb my city? It's mine." This is no more the rule of the Senate than it was the rule of the Senate before not to filibuster. It was an understanding and agreement, and it has been abused..."

9. Not Really Comparing Obama to Hitler While Comparing Obama to Hitler; Cumming, Ga. (Feb. 19, 2012). Visiting one of the most conservative states on the March 6 Super Tuesday roster of primaries, Santorum turned to Hitler again, this time as a "metaphor" for the allegedly misplaced trust the American people have placed in Obama. Transcript via The Raw Story. CBS News has the video:

"Why? Because we're a hopeful people. We think, 'You know it will get better. Yeah, I mean, he's a nice guy. It won't be near as bad as what we think. You know, this will be OK. You know, maybe he's not the best guy.' After a while, you found out some things about this guy over in Europe and maybe he's not so good of a guy after all. But you know what? 'Why do we need to be involved? We'll just take care of our own problems, just get our families off to work and our kids off to school and we'll be okay.'"

Santorum later denied he was comparing Obama to Hitler, but it's hard to come away with any other conclusion. Pass the Pepto, please.

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