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4 Signs the American Spring May Be Coming to Chicago

Could the Nato and G8 summits scheduled for May put Chicago at the crossroads of the next global uprising of the 99 percent?

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In the end, organizers seem to have overcome any animosity about the tact of Adbusters’ briefing, while embracing the value of the garnered publicity. To a large extent, the magazine inspired Occupy Wall Street with its September 17th call to action. However, it did not do the drudgework of erecting the camp, enduring the oft-brutal crackdowns, sleeping through the increasingly chilly nights, and navigating the range of everyday logistics and planning inherent to such a major undertaking. Likewise, the magazine will not be organizing things in Chicago. That job will be done by the hundreds of people who have actively engaged themselves in the process already, by participating in GA’s, “mic-checking” aldermen and the mayor, fighting City Hall on the new protest ordinance, and organizing resistance at the neighborhood level. They will pave the way for thousands more that will arrive through the month of May to swell the numbers of protesters in the city as a human counterbalance to the NATO/G8 1% agenda. While the power elite make their destructive plans inside, the American people will be constructing a better world on the outside.



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