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Occupying Faith: What Occupy Can Learn From the Mistakes of The Church

A celebrated Occupy chaplain weighs in on Jesus, the failures of Christianity, and the future of Occupy

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We need to talk and work together. Specifically, Christians need to get out of their churches, join the marches and participate in the GA, and offer their buildings to Occupy for the use of meetings, and strategy sessions, and for nurturing each other.  The progressive justice church can be a bridge connecting the majority who will never march and who fear direct action with those whose actions need a larger network of support and wisdom. And the Occupiers, in turn, might look to our example -- both the lessons we learned the hard way, and the strategies that have enabled us to survive anyway -- for ideas about how to navigate the transition they're now facing.


Rev. Rich Lang is an Occupy Chaplain and Pastor of University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle. He can be contacted through or at

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