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The 7 Most Irritating Superbowl Halftime Performers of All Time

And you thought this was supposed to be entertaining.

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“Rockin’ Country Sunday” was held in the Georgia Dome, not Nashville, so our only guess is that this Republican explosion is how culture was trying to get back at the Clinton presidency. (It was sponsored by “Wavy Lay’s,” meaning Frito-Lay, a chip company owned by PepsiCo which historically donates to the GOP.)

7. Elvis Presto and Diet Coke, Superbowl XXIII, 1989

The late ‘80s are somewhat of a blur in our minds, but for the life of us we cannot understand why “Be-Bop Bamboozled in 3-D,” that year’s theme, would have its sole performer be a card-trick magician-slash-Elvis impersonator (with a terrible singing voice) doing the “world’s biggest magic trick.” Was America still so repressed in ‘89 that this was our idea of a good time? It seems like a rip-off, but perhaps Presto’s human magic trick was exactly the distraction the producers needed: the show opened with Bob Costas announcing its main attraction... a giant Diet Coke commercial in 3-D. We understand these things take money, but really, so gross.

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