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Meet Gov. Scott Walker’s New Political Hit Women

The embattled Wisconsin governor hires two young Republicans who are veterans of no-holds-barred campaigns and propaganda efforts.

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Matthews, who appearsto have spent most of her life in Nevada, apparently feels comfortable telling Wisconsinites what is good for them. “The governor has spent his first year in office laying the foundation for a more successful Wisconsin,” she explainedin a recent press release.

Walker's New Hires Make a Splash

Throughout the 2011 Wisconsin protests, Governor Walker falsely claimedthat most of the demonstrators were from out-of-state. But some are now questioning whether he is recruiting his own out-of-state agitators with Webster and Matthews.

On Matthews' Twitter feed, she dukes it out with recall supporters and Democrats. She seems fixated on proving that the recall is all the work of “DC big union bosses,” and in press releases denouncesthe “baseless recall efforts lead by big-government union bosses,” minimizing the work of thousands of grassroots volunteers who organized in their communities and stood in the cold gathering signatures.

Webster has also reportedly treated Wisconsinites with a dismissive attitude

During the public information sessions on Wisconsin's capitol access rules, citizens concerned about the policy's impact on their First Amendment rights were dismayed by Webster rolling her eyes and shaking her head at their comments. Many were also put off by Webster's misleading press release that had asserted the new rules, which require permits for groups as small as four persons, were simply restatements of existing policies.


At one of those information sessions, Paul Schmid of 

expressed concern about the background of the Department of Administration's new communications director. 

“This is the state of Robert LaFollette, open government, transparent government,” said Schmid, noting that citizens were unlikely to trust the administration considering the background of their new hire and Webster's past involvement in secretive, taxpayer-funded political activity.

In response, DOA Deputy Secretary Chris Schoenherr replied, “You'll decide whether or not, you decide to trust the administration. Or not.”

Brendan Fischer is a law fellow at the Center for Media and Democracy, publisher of PR Watch.