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“Free Pancho!”: the Occupy Movement Steps Up for Immigrant Rights

Occupy Oakland and the Free Pancho campaign were successfully pressured Pancho's release from ICE.

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  • On November 21, Southern California Public Radio produced a radio segment titled, “ More on Occupy, Immigration and Race,” documenting the story of Pancho, which also covered the “Occupy ICE” march in San Diego, and other demands related to immigration coming out of the Occupy Movement.
  • A December 6 article by David Bacon titled, “ Unions and Immigrants Join Occupy Movement,” describes the participation of the immigrant rights community–as well as that of unions–in the Occupy Movement, particularly in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco.

In cities across the United States, the Occupy Movement is beginning to take bolder actions against unjust immigration policies and anti-immigrant sentiment. And according to the  Occupy Oakland website, what we are seeing is just the beginning:

“Now it is time to demand the freedom of our brother as we speak out against police crackdowns [and] unjust U.S. immigration policies[,] and [to] support this growing movement against Wall Street greed.”