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5 Dirty Tricks Right-Wing Zealots Will Likely Try Next in Their Battle to Control Women

Here are some predictions for where the anti-choice movement will try to go in 2012.

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Should that happen, the consequences will be severe. Not only could it instigate a major court challenge to  Roe v. Wade , it will open the door to all sorts of creative legal abuses of women of reproductive age, from charging women with negligent homicide if they miscarry to letting women die of sepsis because saving their lives would require aborting a pregnancy that hasn’t completely miscarried.  

Now For the Good News

Yes, Republicans are going to continue prioritizing the attack on reproductive rights, in no small part because it allows them to avoid doing anything about the economy. And yes, certain notions, like the argument that fertilized eggs are “people” or that the pill is “controversial” will continue to be mainstreamed. But there is good news going into 2012.

The anti-choice movement showed its true face in 2011. No longer can liberals believe that anti-choicers are just goofy but well-meaning fetus worshippers. Now it’s undeniable that they are mainly an anti-feminist movement that attacks women’s rights because they want to roll back all of the gains women have made in recent decades. Showing their true face has helped educate and mobilize people who were pro-choice but unaware of how serious the situation really is. Now that we know, perhaps 2012 can be the year we double down on fighting back.