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Drake's "Shot For Me" As a Template for Modern Masculinity

A close reading of how one of the world's biggest rapper-singers does manhood differently.

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I love Drake’s music, especially “Shot For Me." It’s got an epic, life-encompassing sweep to it, even though it passes by in an effervescent moment. It is about a shitty, shitty person, but I mean come on — most art, I think, is probably by, for, or about shitty, shitty people. You don’t have to be a bad person, though, to enjoy music about bad people. As a piece of art, “Shot For Me” works for me. For all the reasons above: depth and compression of storytelling, coasting on a swept grandeur that suggests planets moving under the motion of angels fucking. There’s a depth to “Shot For Me” that’s missing (for me) from a lot of songs. It’s sinister and depressing, yet totally uplifting like all success stories are. It’s a marvel in the form of a stone in your shoe. A portrait of the artist as every man you’ve ever known.


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