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Activists Fight Back Against the 1% After Investors Lock a 75 Year-Old Great-Grandmother Out of Her Home [With Photo Slideshow]

Activists are standing up and fighting to keep foreclosed families in their homes.

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Ted Gullickson of the San Francisco Tenants Union said that situations like Tolbert's are unnecessarily destructive. He told reporters his group was pushing the city to adopt a so-called "right-to-rent" law that would allow “underwater” homeowners to remain in their properties and pay the banks market-based rents. (Economist Dean Baker has long called for such a measure at the national level, details of which you can read  here.)

Actions to stop foreclosures and keep families in their homes appear to be gaining traction among community groups and the Occupy movement. “We have a people who are committed to working with the banks the way they should have been working with us -- in good faith,” Foreclosure Fighters activist Denise Collins told AlterNet by phone. “And when they don't, we're standing up and fighting back.”

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