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The Strange Argument That Dominique Strauss-Kahn Was Set Up

A story in the New York Review of Books and the Financial Times paints a new picture, but it may raise more questions than answers.

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It is also supposed to mean something that the BlackBerry was lost and then its GPS was disabled at 12:51 p.m. As others have pointed out, one way to disable a GPS on a BlackBerry is letting the battery run out. But it’s more alluring to imagine foul play than to imagine that DSK just forgot to charge his BlackBerry with his busy schedule of rapid-fire fellatio, international finance and meeting his daughter’s new boyfriend.

Epstein asks us to believe this without a single named source or any contextualizing information about his unnamed ones, although it’s plausible DSK’s attorneys and investigators would have been the ones with all this information. For example, Epstein has viewed the cellphone records of the hotel parent Accor’s head of security, who called someone else at the company on his way to deal with the situation at the Sofitel. That someone could be anyone at Accor … but maybe it’s his “ultimate superior” who was at a soccer game seated in French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s box at the time. Or maybe it was someone in between them in the line of command? This is one of those details that  could say a lot, but so far seems to say very little at all.

He has also viewed surveillance video from the hotel wherein two men, one of them the hotel’s chief engineer, seemingly an American, “high-five each other, clap their hands, and do what looks like an extraordinary dance of celebration that lasts for three minutes.” That is a long dance. Does it have anything to do with bringing down DSK? Actually, the hotel, which dismisses Epstein’s account, says it was only an eight-second dance and that it probably was about sports. Accor also denies that there is any significance to Diallo going to another room on the floor after the assault, another Epstein trial balloon, because the guest there had already checked out. (She originally omitted mention of the second visit.) Maybe she went there for a quiet place to process what happened. Or even to clean it!

The Washington Post  says the story has set the “French political world afire,” while the Economist  terms the reaction a “shrug,” because DSK is now tarnished by his alleged involvement in a prostitution scandal in Lille. Which shadowy opposition set up that conspiracy?

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