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4 Polls That Show Occupy Wall Street is Just Getting Started

Is the increasingly popular movement poised to turn the tide of American history?

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"I liken this Government v. Wall Street blame game to a Kentucky Derby head-to-head match," said Ferguson. "Even after all the propaganda that has been circulated blaming the government, half the population doesn't buy it. That's pretty amazing."

In an era of government capture by the financial sector, it's understandably hard to disentangle Wall Street from Washington. The anti-regulatory fever sparked by Ronald Reagan was certainly caught by Bill Clinton, and continued to rage through Bush II to fuel a full-on Wall Street conflagration. Obama's ties to the financial sector, evidenced in his still-strong campaign support from Wall Street, will only serve to further alienate populist-minded Americans. But when it comes to OWS, Democrats are much more likely to be supporters, the Gallup poll showed. 42 percent of Dems backed the protesters v. only 9 percent of Republicans.

Bottom line: If this thing continues to grow – and there is every indication that it will – the Occupy Wall Street could become the definitive movement for an entire generation. On Sunday, Noam Chomsky addressed Occupy Boston and called the movement "unprecedented." "There's never been anything like it," said Chomsky. "If the bonds and associations that are being established at these remarkable events can be sustained through a long, hard period ahead – because victories don’t come quickly – it could turn out to be a real historic, a very significant moment in American history."

Lynn Parramore is an AlterNet contributing editor. Follow her on Twitter at @LynnParramore.

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