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Tarps, Not Spirits, Sag as Storm Soaks Liberty Square

Occupy Wall Street defies weather, feeds the masses -- even “Wall Street capitalists" -- as storm buffets the Big Apple.

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He wasn’t the only apparent Wall Streeter present in the park on this miserable day.  “They’re even giving food out to the Wall Street capitalists,” another man in a suit called out to a cop as he emerged from the park, wiping his mouth.  “I got my revenge on them,” he cackled with unsuppressed glee, never, it seems, imagining that food-for-all -- even Wall Street capitalists -- might be the point and that revenge, if there was any, wasn’t actually his.

All the while, the thoroughly soaked kitchen crew continued reinforcing their battered blue plastic hut, washing bowls and dishes in the back, tying down wayward plastic sheets in the front and keeping the line moving and food available.     

“Today is not an ordinary day.  We’re just trying to hold on.  We’re just trying to keep this ship from sinking,” Dolan said.  And together they did.  Despite the downpour, the women and men of Occupy Wall Street were fed and the kitchen remained afloat.

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