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America’s Secret Empire of Drone Bases: Its Full Extent Revealed for the First Time

A ground-breaking investigation examines the most secret aspect of America's shadowy drone wars and maps out a world of hidden bases dotting the globe.

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What are the Air Force’s plans in this regard?   Lieutenant Colonel John Haynes was typically circumspect.   “We are constantly evaluating potential operating locations based on evolving mission needs,” he said.   If the last decade is any indication, those “needs” will only continue to grow. 

Nick Turse is the associate editor of and a senior editor at AlterNet. His latest book is The Case for Withdrawal from Afghanistan (Verso). You can follow him on Twitter @NickTurse, on Tumblr, and on Facebook This article marks another of Turse’s joint Alternet/TomDispatch investigative reports on U.S. national security policy and American empire.

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