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As Attacks on Planned Parenthood Aim for Sex-Ed Funding, Let's Remember How Bad Religious-Backed Abstinence Only Programs Are

Live Action and Lila Rose want to replace Planned Parenthood's sex-ed funding with false information and religious fundamentalist preaching.

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Colorado Ethics Watch has called for an  investigation as a result of Mackenzie misrepresenting WAIT/CRE as LTBTQ friendly, and ethical questions have been raised about the way Title V funding was obtained.

Luis Toro, director of Colorado Ethics Watch said, “It looks like WAIT violated ethical standard here by claiming that the APA ‘vetted’ WAIT's LGBT inclusiveness criteria when the APA says that did not happen. Obtaining government dollars by falsely claiming to be inclusive and tolerant of gay and lesbian youth actually hurts those young people.”

Project SOS and WAIT/CRE are unfortunately representative, but they don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to outing the legion of discriminatory, shaming and medically erroneous abstinence-only programs. Fraudulent crisis pregnancy centers and state affiliates of Focus on the Family have received millions of tax dollars to talk to kids about heterosexual marriage in the guise of sexual education, probably in a school near you.

Two bills concerning abstinence funding are sitting in the House of Representatives. One introduced by Representative Barbara Lee is pushing to end abstinence funding and the other is an appropriations bill to re-up the funding introduced by the Republicans. Due to the state of the economy, rampant unemployment and a burgeoning Occupy Wall Street movement, the Lee bill is likely to go nowhere. 

The Republicans will probably find time to debate their bill, lobbying for abstinence-only programs, because the GOP hopefuls believe the real problem with the economy is the downfall of the family and traditional marriage. Perhaps the bill’s debate will coincide with the release of Live Action’s "expose" on Planned Parenthood, depicting teenagers learning how to have out-of wedlock sex by rolling a condom over a banana.

Andy Kopsa is a writer living in New York City. She has written for the Revealer, AlterNet, the American Independent and Westword.

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