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Dean Baker on How We Can Make the 'Free Market' Work for the 99%

The right has been working for years to rig the market to the disadvantage of most of the population. Why can't we rig it in the other direction?

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We also have to be creative about using the market to be in the face of the elite. Every country in the world has much cheaper drugs and health care than the United States. Let's get people to take advantage of this fact. Does our government want to arrest cancer patients who get lower cost drugs that can save their life from Canada? Why shouldn't state and local governments attempt to negotiate deals where Medicaid patients and public employees have the option of going outside of the country for major operations -- and split the savings with the government? We can also push to have our government use open software and open textbooks in their schools. The potential savings are enormous.

The other side has been working for more than three decades to devise ways to rig the market to the disadvantage of most of the population. There are at least as many opportunities to devise ways to rig the market in the other direction. The market is an incredibly powerful tool. Progressives have to start thinking about we can use the market to bring about the outcomes we want. 

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