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Is Atheist Money Too Controversial for the American Cancer Society?

The American Cancer Society may have turned down a potential half-million dollar donation because it came from a non-theistic organization.

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Given all this... does it seem likely that "We're phasing out participation in this program from non-commercial organizations" is really the answer? Or does it seem like an excuse hatched after the fact to cover a situation that had become an embarrassment?

I realize this is harsh. I want to be fair here, and I want to be clear. So I will say it again: The American Cancer Society did not explicitly reject a massive donation offer from a non-theistic organization, on the basis of them being a non-theistic organization.

It's just difficult to reach any other conclusion.

And in case you're thinking, "Why do those mean old atheists have to pick on the American Cancer Society? Why are they publicly embarrassing such a noble organization? Why do they have to make it all about them?" ask yourself this: If this were happening with any other organization -- if it were a Jewish charitable foundation, an African-American one, an LGBT one, that had tried to give the American Cancer Society a $250,000 matching offer and had gotten shot down -- would you be responding the same way? Would you be mad at the Jews, the African Americans, the queers, for calling attention to it? Or would you be writing enraged letters to the ACS, saying, "WTF? My aunt has cancer, I donate $500 a year to the American Cancer Society -- and you're turning down $500,000 because the money comes from a segment of society that some people don't like?"

Are atheists really that tainted?

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