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Occupy Wall Street Strikes a Chord: NYC Action Inspires Hundreds of Occupations Around the World

The website Occupy Together counts 865 participating cities, including solidarity rallies on every continent save Antarctica.

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If these protests had begun at the beginning of Obama's term, with strong Democratic majorities in both houses, they could pushed stronger progressive policies. But today Congress is divided and a majority of states are controlled by Republicans, who will not be responsive to the Occupy movement's goals. They have their own social movements to react to.

This isn't to say that the Occupy movement is hopeless. There are still plenty of fixes they can  push toward at state and local levels. But major change on the national level (outside, perhaps, some monetary stimulus) is unlikely in the near term. Even the Civil Rights movement, and its years of radical actions, had to wait until the Democrats held the presidency and massive Congressional majorities before they achieved their goals.

*Spanish-to-English translation provided by Danny Postel.

Jake Blumgart is a freelance reporter-researcher based in Philadelphia. Follow him on Twitter.

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