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Exposed: New Documentary About Gas Drilling Hailed as Indie and Balanced, But Here's Why It's Neither

"Haynesville" is making the indie film circuit, but its director is actually an oil and gas man in disguise.

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C.H. Fenstermaker is a lobbying firm and the bulk of its clients are natural gas corporations.

Red flag three: The YouTube video taken by the Shreveport source lists Haynesville director and producer, Gregory Kallenberg, as the vice president of investments and real estate for a company called Caddo Management, Inc. Also listed are his brothers, Jeffrey and Randolph Kallenberg, who serve as the vice president of exploration and the vice president of finance, respectively. Caddo is also listed as a registered corporation on the Louisiana Secretary of State website.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources website lists Gregory Kallenberg as the vice president of business development for Caddo Management, Inc.

So, what is Caddo Management, Inc.?

Caddo is an oil and gas drilling corporation. It's listed as an active operator in Arksansas on the Arksansas Oil and Gas Commission website. It is also listed as the primary driller for Western Oil and Gas, JV Inc and a Louisiana Department of Natural Resources document shows that Caddo has applied for a drilling permit. Pipeline Association for Public Awareness lists Caddo as an excavator in a 2010 document.

Lastly, the Louisiana Office of Conservation, in a  February 2011 document, lists Caddo as a Louisiana oil and gas operator, having recently purchased a land mass in Arnaudville, Louisiana, underneath which sits 197 barrels of oil.

In short, Kallenberg is an oil and gas man through and through, though this goes undisclosed when he goes on tour with his movie, Haynesville.

Deep Familial History of Involvement in Oil and Gas Industry

Another vital tie exists between the Kallenberg family and the natural gas industry -- Phillips Energy Partners, currently owned by Chris Phillips.

The Betty and Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center website reveals that Gregory Kallenberg's grandmother is Betty Phillips, wife of Leonard Phillips, both of whom are the grandparents of Chris Phillips and his brother Collin, who also works for Phillips Energy Partners. Chris and Collin Phillips, and the Kallenbergs, are cousins and all oil and gas men.

The Phillips family has been involved in the oil and gas industry for over 80 years, according to the Phillips Energy Partners' website and according to Betty Phillips' November 2010 obituary.

The obituary also reveals that Betty Phillips' father, Sam Sklar, "was a pioneer in the early Shreveport oil and gas industry." Sklar Exploration Company, LLC, still exists to this very day and is run by CEO Howard Sklar.

The company history page reveals that what is now called Sklar Exploration Company formerly went by the name Sklar & Phillips Oil Co.

"Sklar's exploration and production activities center on the hydrocarbon-rich Lower Gulf Coast basins, primarily in South Texas, and in the Interior Gulf Coast basins of East Texas, North Louisiana, South Arkansas, South Mississippi and South Alabama," states the Sklar website.

Howard Sklar and Gregory Kallenberg both formerly sat on the Board of Directors of B'nai Zion Congregation, which is located in Shreveport, according to a June 2008 Congregation newsletter.

According to the Phillips website, "Phillips Energy Partners was founded in 2006 in partnership with Encap Investments to grow a royalty portfolio of long life oil and gas assets...PEP's Acquisition Profile focuses primarily on Royalties, Overriding Royalty Interests and Non-Producing Mineral Interests throughout the United States. PEP presently has mineral holdings in 11 states and is actively acquiring each day."

Phillips is focused primarily on buying up the mineral rights in shale plays throughout the United States, and then selling them to natural gas corporations that make the highest bid.

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