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Scott Walker's Top Anti-Worker Aide Target of FBI Raid; Corruption in Walker's Administration?

A secret probe into political wrongdoing has swept up the point person on the Wisconsin governor's anti-union efforts; will it reach the governor himself?

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Even if we are to believe that Walker is not interested in what’s happening with an investigation into potential wrongdoing by his former aides and his campaign, an investigation that has now extended to include a high-profile FBI raid, he can’t really distance himself from Archer.

A longtime Republican apparatchik, Archer served as Walker’s director of administrative services in Milwaukee County, where she was a key player in developing budgets and advancing Walker’s agenda. When Walker was elected governor, she became his top political appointee in the definitional state agency with regard to the budget fight he planned to initiate: the Department of Administration, where she served as deputy secretary. In August, she moved to a new political position, in Walker’s Department of Children and Families, where her salary is 64 percent higher than that of her predecessor.

Governor Walker’s saying: “We don’t know what exactly is involved. As far as what I know is what I’ve been reading in the press. I don’t have any more information beyond that.” But Wisconsinites who know the governor as one of the most engaged and focused political figures in the state’s history, a detail man who works long hours and keeps his hand in every aspect of his campaigns and his administrations, will be excused if they treat such statements with a measure of skepticism. 

John Nichols is The Nation's Washington correspondent.

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