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Mark Ruffalo: We Can Go Gracefully Into a Green Future, Or We Can Go Kicking and Screaming, But There Is No Choice

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo discusses his new organization Farmhearts, fracking, protecting our water and the future of our country.

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SA: So, you're talking about so many essential things -- farming; your commitment to fight fracking and to push for regulations; scientific studies to stop unsafe gas drilling. You're talking about the green economy, and that we're at peak oil, and that it's essential, again, that we move in that direction.

Can you share with us what it's like here in Callicoon, New York, in the Catskills, in upstate New York, what your home is like? -- why where you live is moving you forward in your message and in being a part of this movement to say, "We can't destroy our water; we have to stop fracking; we cannot move in this direction, and here's why."

MR: This is America. This place is essentially America at its best, I think. The people, the unspoiled beauty; the ability for us to take from our land to feed ourselves. In this particular place, we happen to have everything that we need to live the American dream -- to be happy, to be able to sustain ourselves. It's possible here. And we're two hours from one of the biggest, greatest cities in the world that will pay anything for good food and good drink. It just is a place that has everything that we could possibly want or need for what I think would be as close to some sort of utopia. It has all the promise, I think. We have water; we have people; we have people who aren't afraid to work, who work very hard, who care. We have land; we have vital land. We have beautiful clean skies; we have mountains; we have farms that are already functioning here.

I've been here for 15 years and I've seen this place grow, and I've seen it wake up in a way, and all the elements are in place here. We have the people to facilitate wind power generation -- a community-based wind power generation. We have the people to facilitate organic sustainable farming. We have people who are creating value-added products from their farms. We have people who are savvy enough with social media to create social media movements that actually bring about legislative change, that bring about political change. We have great lawyers. We have the artisans here who are making their own scene of their own art, important art. It's this incredible melting pot, and everyone -- I think for the most part -- forward-leaning people -- people who still believe there's something great and that believe in community, and they believe that we're on the edge of something fantastic, something magical.

There's a movement to try and attain that. There's energy to do it. And I see that happening here. I see it happening everywhere. You know, I see it happening throughout the world. When you topple a 7,000-year-old power structure like they have in Egypt, that's a leaderless movement; that's a movement that comes out of the collective consciousness of the people, of the community, and why they put themselves at risk -- why they exert that amount of energy -- is because they see something better. They believe in something better for themselves and for their children. And it's under that same belief, under those same principles, under that same vision, that I move forward in the world ... and that all of these people move forward in the world, you know? -- that all these people are here tonight. It's tangible. It's doable. We're fortunately at a place where we can realize these dreams.

To find out more about Farmhearts, visit  www.farmhearts.org. You can listen to the entire audio interview with Mark Ruffalo at Trailer Talk's Frack Talk Marcellus Shale Water Project

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