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Who Are America's Top 10 Gas Drillers?

More than 14,000 oil-and-gas companies were active in the United States in 2009. But multinational giants like Exxon Mobil and BP now produce much of the nation's gas.

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Average Daily Natural Gas Production: 1.2 billion cubic feet.

Revenue, 2010: $9.6 billion.

Reserves, 2010: 4.3 trillion cubic feet equivalent (3 percent of that is oil or other liquids, converted to the equivalent volume in gas).

Executive Compensation, 2010: Alan Armstrong, president and CEO, received $2 million in total compensation.

Sources: The production numbers are from the Natural Gas Supply Association and reflect the average for the first half of 2011. Revenue figures are from the companies' 2010 annual reports and reflect total revenue from all sources, not just gas production. Revenue may include sales and other income and may not be adjusted for taxes. Reserves numbers are from the companies' annual reports. Bitumen and synthetic crude represent oil from Canadian tar sands or other unconventional reserves. The compensation information is from Forbes and Bloomberg Business Week.

Nicholas Kusnetz has written for The Nation, Miller-McCune, The New York Times and other publications. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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