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5 Absurd Rick Perry Claims That Show His Tea-Party Infused Aversion to Reality

Perry prides himself on issues and Texas "successes" that actually expose his incompetence.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has ridden into the GOP presidential race on his high horse, threatening to ‘get ugly’ with Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman, stopping just short of accusing him of treason, and catering, as expected, to the most radical of the radical right wing.

Mr. Perry, for some bizarre reason, has captured the twisted imaginations of those who combine a brand of Christianity that Jesus Christ wouldn’t recognize, with a heavy worship of capitalism, and an irrational fear of anyone not white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant thrown in for good measure.

As he goes about spreading hate and intolerance, both of which play so well to the Tea Party, Mr. Perry often chooses to relinquish facts; again, a trait welcome to the far right wing. This is displayed in a variety of ways that can be seen by looking at some of the governor’s ‘accomplishments’ and statements, as taken from the ‘Perry for President’ website:

“Rick Perry will finally force Washington to fulfill its constitutional duty to secure our international borders.”

One of the Tea Party’s pet peeves is illegal immigration, that dastardly practice of allowing immigrants to slip through the extensive U.S. borders, especially that with Mexico, thus enabling them to wreak untold amounts of havoc as they bus tables, work on construction crews, and cut grass.

In Januray of 2011, a U.S. missionary couple, Sam and Nancy Davis, working in Mexico, were pursued by bandits, possibly seeking to steal their truck, valued at $50,000. As Mr. Davis tried to flee, the bandits began shooting, hitting and killing Mrs. Davis. In response, Mr. Perry’s spokeswoman, Katherine Cesinger, said Mrs. Davis’ murder underscores the need for greater border security. “’How many Americans are going to have to die for the federal government to pay attention and realize they need to secure the border,’ she said.”

The fact that this tragic shooting occurred at least 70 miles south of the Mexican/US border does not seem to concern Mr. Perry. He did not comment on crime in Mexico; the danger of driving flashy vehicles through areas known for criminal activity; the folly and accompanying risks of attempting to outrun murderous car thieves, etc. No, he seemed to see a crime that occurred in Mexico as demonstrating the need to ‘secure the border.’ Perhaps he is blaming the Davises for crossing into Mexico; after all, one must assume that if the border is ‘secure,’ no one could pass from either side to the other.

“No other candidate for President – Republican or Democrat – can match Rick Perry’s record on job creation.”

The website goes on to say that 40% of new jobs created in the U.S. since June of 2009 have been in Texas. This may be true, but one must not consider rushing off to Texas to achieve the great American dream(whatever that is). Most of those jobs pay minimum wage, and few carry health benefits. Also, industry has been attracted to Texas due to its limited environmental and safety regulations, bringing these businesses from other U.S. states. So if a voter wants to see reduced environmental and safety regulations made the law of the land, and seeks the creation of millions of jobs that pay minimum wage, Mr. Perry is the right candidate. So what if people will not be able to own homes, send their children to college, or get medical care? At least they will be working!

“Rick Perry believes the best way for the federal government to improve healthcare is to stimulate job creation so more Americans are covered by employer-sponsored health plans.”