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Progressive Religious Believers' Big Hypocrisy: Cherry-Picking the Parts of Religion they Like and Ditching the Rest

If you're just going to use your own conscience and your own mind to decide what's right or wrong, true or false -- why do you need God?

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Again, I'll say: If you're acknowledging that you're relying on your own observations and experiences and instincts to decide what's true and how to act, informed by the best evidence you can find... I can work with you, and share a planet with you. A lot more easily than I can with fundamentalists who insist that an internally contradictory, wildly inaccurate, morally repugnant piece of Iron Age history and philosophy is the perfect word of an omnipotent creator. We can work together. We can hang out together. We can fight for separation of church and state together. We can get drunk together and incoherently analyze the lyrics to "Bad Romance."

But I'm still going to point out -- in the public forum, anyway, if not in my living room or at the bar -- that you're cherry-picking the tenets of your faith... and that you have no good basis for doing so. I'm still going to point out that you have no more reason to think that your instincts are in line with God than the fundamentalists do. I'm still going to point out that you have absolutely no basis for thinking that God even exists... much less that he personally approves of the cherries you're picking.

And I'm still going to point out that your cherry-picking is endorsing the very idea of religious faith -- i.e., the idea that it's reasonable and even virtuous to believe things we have no good reason to think are true. I'm still going to argue that this idea is among the most damaging ideas that human beings have concocted. And I'm still going to ask you, the next time you're examining your heart and searching your moral compass, to consider whether this is an idea you really want to support.

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