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More Than 160 Children Killed in America's Drone War in Pakistan

One in seven of all US strikes appear to have resulted in child fatalities.

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Our Methodology
The Oxford Research Group, which champions the monitoring of civilian casualties in conflicts, recently  published a paper on drone strikes in Pakistan. It concluded by calling for: ‘ transparency of definitions, a ‘thorough’ scope that allows incidents to be identified through the provision of detailed descriptions, a fully outlined methodology that discusses its own assumptions, and the diligent citation of the sources for all published data.’  The Bureau has striven to adopt these recommendations as best practice.

How we list the strikes:
We have given each strike a unique code. This is a sequential number, with the prefix  B for the Bush years, or  Ob for Obama years. Where additional strikes are later confirmed, they will be inserted into the sequence with the suffix  A, for example see  Ob47A. A number of single-source reports have additionally been identified, which may or may not be drone strikes.  These also occur in sequence, with the suffix  C (see Ob28COb39C and Ob130C, for example).  Ob0 is not classified as a drone strike but we have included it in our data for reference purposes. 

How we reconciled the material:
Even within a specific report there can be contradictory information. Reconciling multiple sources can present particular challenges. 

Chris Woods is an award-winning London-based investigative journalist and documentary film maker. He specialises in world affairs, notably the global war on terror. For many years he was based at the BBC, working as a senior producer on flagship programmes Newsnight and Panorama. More recently, he has written and directed major documentaries for Channel 4′s Dispatches and for Al Jazeera. He has been with the Bureau since spring 2010.

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