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Why Is Sean Hannity So Mad You're Having Sex? 5 Ways Conservatives Attack Sexual Freedom

Conservatives' attacks on sexuality have grown more radical, in the past year alone.

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Right-wing blogger Robert Stacy McCain  responded to the accusations against Julian Assange by arguing that by allowing a man into their homes and into their beds, the women basically gave up their right not to be raped. “You buy the ticket,” McCain said, “you take the ride.”   

This rape apology would be easier to write off as an anomaly if it wasn’t the main theme of conservative responses to SlutWalk.  Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America denounced SlutWalk by saying that women who wear “provocative” clothing are attracting the attention of angry, violent men. Sean Hannity argued on-air that  women who dress “immodestly” are basically “asking for” sex. Right-wing blogger Melissa Clouthier tweeted that SlutWalk was a waste of feminist time, a comment that only makes sense if you honestly think it’s not a problem that men get away with rape because so many people blame the victim.    

5, Ramping up hysteria about abortion. Of course, it’s not like the right has given up abortion as an issue, even as they’ve taken up rape and contraception. In fact, this newfound enthusiasm for raising the alarm over sexuality has invigorated the anti-abortion movement, creating  nearly 1,000 anti-abortion bills in state legislatures across the nation.   

But it’s not just the volume of anti-abortion legislation that indicates a sour attitude toward human sexuality. The content of these regulations reveals quite a bit about right-wing attitudes toward women getting abortions, namely that said women are stupid, irresponsible, dirty, and no doubt sexually promiscuous. Kansas attempted a backdoor ban on abortion by passing so many regulations that  providers couldn't meet them all, but what was interesting about the regulations was how they assumed abortion clinics are more like crack dens than medical clinics, and therefore need the number of bathrooms and size of the janitorial closet regulated.

Most offensive are the ultrasound regulations, which have been passed in Texas and North Carolina, among other states. These laws require women getting abortions to sit through extra ultrasounds while having to listen to anti-abortion propaganda. Ultrasound laws work off the assumption that a woman getting an abortion is literally too stupid to know what an abortion is unless you rub her nose in it. It’s the ultimate result of anti-choice stereotypes which infer that the mere fact of accidental pregnancy means a woman is too dumb to be trusted with any decision about her body.

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