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10 Kinkiest Cities In America

Wish Lonely Planet would stop being such a prude and release a guide to where you can let your inner freak flag fly?

America's sexual pastimes have long been at odds with our puritanical roots. One such example of sexual contradiction is conservative Utah, which was found to be the largest consumer of online pornography a few years ago. Despite America's sometimes shameful misgivings around sex, we can't seem to keep it in our pants. Wish Lonely Planet would stop being such a prude and release a guide to where you can let your inner freak flag fly? Well, look no further. Some cities cater to their constituents' wanton needs with festivals, clubs, or plain ol' randy reputation. Other cities get their sexy on more discreetly, thanks to the phenomenon known as the Internet. Whatever your preferred desire, the following places, in no particular order, can definitely show you a good time.

1. Roselawn, Indiana

Not only does Roselawn maintain a thriving (and family friendly!) nudist resort, the Ponderosa Sun Club also hosts a yearly pageant called “Nudes-A-Poppin,” MC’d by none other than famed porn star Ron Jeremy. It’s not just the strippers and porn stars shaking their money makers on stages and poles that draw thousands to this celebration every year; erotic dancing, public sex, and of course, exhibitionism abound. Located about 50 miles south of Chicago, on 88 acres of rural woodlands, Ponderosa also offers several G-rated recreational activities you never knew would be more awesome naked, like horseshoes, volleyball and chili cook-offs.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

N’awlins, aka the Big Easy, has long had a reputation for debauchery. Of course, Mardi Gras, the infamous pre-Lent bacchanalian carnival has something to do with that, but New Orleans’ dirty dealings far exceed the typical Girls Gone Wild fare. Over an extended Labor Day weekend (starting the Wednesday prior), New Orleans hosts Southern Decadence, colloquially known as Gay Mardi Gras, but open to all orientations. This festival draws crowds upward of 300,000 from all over the U.S., with non-stop parties, “Big Dick” contests, and, well, sausage fests of the non-andouille variety. The South will rise again, indeed.

3. Las Vegas

Any city whose nickname is “Sin” shouldn’t raise any eyebrows when it comes to raunchy revelry. Known for its plentiful strip clubs, unabashed dungeon parties and bondage-themed Cirque du Soleil shows, Vegas is practically a caricature of itself when it comes to sexcapades. The Green Door claims to be the largest sex and swinger club in the U.S., with two floors, spa amenities, a “sextagon” hot tub, juice bars, a Shadow Box room for voyeurs/exhibitionists, and themed rooms like Pussy Whipped Dungeon and Dr’s Office. To get all your fetish action in one location, you can always check out the annual Fetish and Fantasy Ball, which has been happening around Halloween for over 15 years now, and even got props from the Travel Channel as a must-see event. Honorable mention goes to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, made infamous by the HBO series, "Cathouse," about American brothels. Nevada has almost 30 legal brothels around the state. 

4. Hurley, Wisconsin

The question of which city has the most strip clubs per capita has been hotly contested. Portland, Oregon, sometimes referred to as “Pornland,” claims the title, and there’s even a documentary in the works about it, but no official study has been done on the subject. Get on that, America! There was a recent brouhaha about tiny Eugene, Oregon taking the title, but that appears to have been debunked. I’d like to bring your attention to a Hurley, a small logging town with 1,547 residents (according to 2010 estimates), that also has quite a few strip clubs, six to be exact, which means there’s one strip club for every 238 residents. Not only that, Hurley was one of the few places to reject alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, and was known to entertain some of Chicago’s notorious mobsters, like Al Capone, John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson. Actual details of what kind of entertainment Hurley provided are curiously absent from its tourism site, but if Al Capone’s crazy case of syphilis means anything, we can probably safely assume these guys were up to no good. For that, Hurley gets a solid nod of salacious approval.

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