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How a Male Birth Control Pill Could Have Changed My Life

Many men would love to have greater control over the reproductive future of our families. Why is there no male birth control pill?

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Our fourth son really solidified our "role reversal" in my household. Feminists will be forgiven for chuckling at our situation: simply put, to my wife, sex was now mostly about recreation while for me it involved mostly (preventing) procreation. The unplanned pregnancy did not set her career plans back much, but it had devastating consequences for mine. After three years of diligence and condoms, I had a vasectomy, which finally leveled the playing field (at least in the bedroom).

I'm very happy and proud to be a father of four.  I'm very lucky that we can afford our lifestyle on my wife’s salary. But having a safe, reliable male contraceptive would have given me a measure of greater control over my life.  Unfortunately for all of us, it still seems to be a wish and a hope.

The question I want to ask is: how will things change if we  don’t get a male pill? After all, the world is changing. Gender roles are no longer functioning as they used to. Men and women no longer approach parenthood and careers with the same expectations that ruled society in previous generations. The number of stay-at-home dads and breadwinner moms is increasing. I think you’ll agree: It’s about time for men to have more control over their reproductive futures, as well.

*Michael Parsons is the author's pseudonym.


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