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Advice Hillary Clinton Should, But Won’t, Give to Economically Strapped Greece

Given that the U.S. is a major arms seller to Greece, Clinton will encourage the Greeks to slash workers’ wages and pensions, but not its enormous military appetite.

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The people of Greece are fed up with this wasteful military spending. “Our government cares more about the demands of a few powerful nations than the needs of its own citizens,” said 22-year-old Achima Tzavaras, who has been camping out in Athens’ main square for weeks. “That’s why there has always been plenty of money for new tanks, missiles, submarines and fighter planes but not for schools, hospitals and public transportation.” Tzavaras, who has been unemployed for a year and helps organize other unemployed young people, said the government should focus on creating jobs not buying weapons.

The same could be said for the United States, which is undergoing its own financial crisis while maintaining massive military expenditures. But don’t count on Hillary Clinton advocating an austerity plan for Greece or the United States that would alienate her friends in the weapons business.

Medea Benjamin is cofounder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK:Women for Peace.

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