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Saving One Man From Mormonism or Coercion? Inside Errol Morris' New Documentary 'Tabloid'

The fascinating, strange and sad story of a possibly deluded woman who tried to "rescue" her lover from his chosen religion.

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Ultimately, Tabloid reveals some of the weaknesses in binary thinking. Perhaps the LDS Church is neither the thoroughly evil cult McKinney sees it as, nor the only legitimate path to real happiness in this life and the next, as Anderson would have taught on his mission; perhaps it’s a complex institution that offers it followers a mix of happiness and grief, fulfillment and denial, and it’s hard to predict which you’ll get more of. when you sign on. McKinney insists that people deliberately portray her as the polar opposite of what she really is. But there’s considerable evidence that she is simultaneously both what she says and what photographs and other sources suggest--not either/or, not a blend, but both: a pairing of purity and licentiousness, cool cunning and heated madness, sincerity and deceit. It’s not just that truth, if it can be found at all, is sometimes discovered by comparing competing accounts and splitting the difference. It’s that the stories and people who captivate us most often involve seemingly incompatible extremes that nonetheless coexist and make the center more difficult to find.

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