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The Shady Ways People Are Losing Their Homes--Even If They Don't Have Mortgages

"Wrongful" foreclosures, foreclosures for back taxes or late condo fees -- people are getting thrown out of their homes, and someone else is profiting.

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Foreclosure isn't just a personal tragedy for the homeowners involved; the real estate mess continues to be a weight dragging down this painful, jobless “recovery.” Washington has steadfastly refused to offer homeowners real relief, as that would require Wall Street to take some losses. Meanwhile, the media have pivoted from the foreclosure crisis – and the catastrophe in our labor markets – to focus relentlessly on the deficit.

In a society with different priorities, perhaps that wouldn't be the case, but in America, we're supposedly all on our own. And when business is presented with an opportunity to make a few bucks, it has a “fiduciary responsibility” to pounce on it -- never mind the economic or human consequences.

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