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Being Anti-War Is Not a Crime -- But That's Not Stopping the FBI From Raiding Activists' Homes

Activists who organized anti-war protests at the 2008 RNC have been targeted with raids, subpoenas and government spies.

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The Committee to Stop FBI Repression deemed the day a National Day of Action in Solidarity with Carlos Montes. Anti-War Committee leader Meredith Aby, who was subpoenaed in September, addressed supporters gathered at the Minneapolis FBI building:

Carlos played an important leadership role with us in the Coalition to March on the RNC. He participated in the organizing conference we had here in January 2008 and on national coordinating phone calls. He spoke on the stage at the protest on day 1 of the convention and was a powerful voice for ending US warfare and occupation in Iraq. He also spoke at the Anti-War Committee’s protest on day 4 of the RNC and even stepped up to help lead the protest on the ground after the majority of our committee was arrested in the police’s attempt to prevent our protest from disrupting McCain’s speech at the Excel Center....Unfortunately, the FBI investigated the impressive coalition that we pulled together locally and we are still feeling the affects of that surveillance....

It is imperative for us to denounce the FBI’s use of [Counter Intelligence Program] tactics and demand an end to these attacks on activists!

Montes also spoke outside the Alhambra, California, courthouse where his arraignment was held: "Our view is that this is a political attack because of my views denouncing the U.S. wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and denouncing U.S. policy support of Israel denying the Palestinian people their rights," he said. "This is not about having a gun or buying a gun it's about my political views and political activity."

Lauren Kelley is an associate editor at AlterNet and a freelance writer and editor who has contributed to, The L Magazine and Time Out New York. She lives in Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter here.

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