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How Marijuana Legalizers Can Win Over Social Conservatives

By keeping marijuana illegal we are actually giving our children easier access to it.

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As a general rule, try to remember when talking with social conservatives that being respectful of their opinions can go a long way. Please realize that as an advocate for reform, your goal is not to argue against their conservative principles, but that the primary task is to help them realize that prohibition violates these principles they so deeply believe in.

Finally, don’t be discouraged if it seems like you’re not really making any headway in getting the person to look at the issue in a new way. It’s not easy to get social conservatives – or anyone – to immediately change their minds about long-held beliefs, but planting a seed during a conversation now can make all the difference in the world the next time they find themselves in a voting booth staring down at the YES or NO box of a marijuana initiative.

Nate Bradley, a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and executive director of Lawmen Protecting Patients , is a former Wheatland, CA police officer.

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