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Should We Launch an All-Out Assault on Car Culture?

Bring it on say authors of a new book. But you're more likely to find bicyclists and pedestrians working for peaceful coexistence.

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"It's almost as if the purveyors of the phrase have either lost their cool entirely, or else they're trying desperately to avoid a level-headed discussion of transportation policy."

And then there are voices like those of Mugyenyi and Engler, who can't wait for the day when the automobile has been vanquished. But even they remind the reader and the would-be warriors in this war, to "hate the car, but not the driver."

"Even if you depend on driving to work, it is possible to agree there's a big problem," they write.

Maybe we can all get along, after all.

Tyler Harbottle is completing a practicum at The Tyee .

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