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Educating Reform: How To Really Improve Our Nation's Schools

Change is necessary, no it doesn't need to come in the form of some Randian version of public schooling.

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As if these results and strategic imperatives don’t speak for themselves, one need only look to a recent piece by Sarah D. Sparks in Education Week, entitled, “Study Links School Safety to Student Achievement, Relationships,” to see the power of The Edwards Approach:

School safety depends far less on the poverty and crime surrounding the campus than on the academic achievement of its students and their relationships with adults in the building, according to a new study of Chicago public schools.

Read the rest, it is well worth it. I'm excited to be working to achieve some pretty lofty goals, but I'm even more excited that in EES we have the answer to Rhee-form. And as you could have guessed, it’s real, it’s tangible, and it’s student-focused....REFORM.

Cliff Schecter is the president of Libertas, LLC, a progressive public relations firm. Follow him on Twitter.

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