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Does SlutWalk Speak to Women of Color?

SlutWalk protests have been critiqued for their focus on white women. One woman of color explains how she came around to the cause.

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The comment infuriated me…and enlightened me. I was so upset that the commenter couldn’t see the contradiction of saying clothes are a non-issue regarding sexual violence yet wanted to defend her friend making Rihanna’s clothes an issue regarding the rape in the video. That’s when I hopped on the side of the SlutWalk: I couldn’t bear another day of hearing of shaming people, especially women of color, over the “correct” way to dress or speak or needing to be a certain demographic or agree with a certain perceived agenda in order to have our fury over sexual violence be heard. In fact, I volunteered to speak at SlutWalk NYC in August.

So, yes, color my woman-of-color self supporting this cause.

Andrea Plaid is sexual correspondent for and a writer based in Brooklyn.