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10 States Where Abortion Is Virtually Illegal for Some Women

Thanks to increasingly restrictive state laws, we're seeing a return to pre-Roe back-alley abortions and criminal treatment of women.

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Now they’re trying to throw her in jail in an attempt not just to chip away at abortion rights, but to set the legal groundwork for charging women with murder if they terminate their pregnancies. 

9) Ohio. Luckily, legislation that would ban abortion of any pregnancy  where the fetus has a heartbeat  is currently stalled in the legislature, but if this bill moves forward, it could be nearly as dangerous as a bill defining a fertilized egg as a person.  

In many pregnancies, there’s a heartbeat detectable before a woman notices her period is late, so the bill would essentially criminalize all abortions. As noted, a woman has been arrested in Idaho for self-abortion after the 20-week limit, so a limit at eight or nine weeks would open the door for arresting women left and right in Ohio. 

While there are 26 abortion providers in Ohio, there's already anecdotal coverage that this may not be enough. One Ohio clinic CEO told me there are reports of women traveling from to her clinics in Detroit in order to avoid the hassle of abortion in Ohio. 

10) South Dakota. South Dakota legislators passed the most stringent waiting period law in the country, requiring a woman to wait 72 hours for an abortion and consult with a registered anti-choice pregnancy center before getting her abortion. 

As no anti-choice centers have signed up yet, the law functionally bans abortion in South Dakota.  Planned Parenthood  is suing the state, and trying to get an injunction to prevent the law from being enforced while the lawsuit is ongoing. Planned Parenthood runs the sole abortion clinic in South Dakota, in Sioux Falls. South Dakota makes it so hard to get an abortion that a hefty percentage of women leave the state instead; nearly 36 percent of the patients at the clinic in Fargo, North Dakota come from out of state, mostly South Dakota.

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