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Anthony Weiner's Uncensored Penis Picture Plus 10 Other Images That Are Even More Obscene (Warning: Graphic)

Weiner's junk isn't the only perverse image rocketing around the Internet -- here are 10 other shocking pics.

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3. U.S. Steps Up Airwar to Defend Brutal Dictator


This is a picture of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a strong-arm dictator who has been in power since 1978. (He rose to power following the assassination of his predecessor, and then “won” the country's first direct election with a Stalinesque 96 percent of the vote.) Saleh was a close ally of Saddam Hussein, and supported the Iraqi leader's 1990 invasion of Kuwait. 

According to the New York Times , “The Obama administration has intensified the American covert war in Yemen, exploiting a growing power vacuum in the country to strike at militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets.”

The recent operations come after a nearly year-long pause in American airstrikes, which were halted amid concerns that poor intelligence had led to bungled missions and civilian deaths that were undercutting the goals of the secret campaign...

The extent of America’s war in Yemen has been among the Obama administration’s most closely guarded secrets, as officials worried that news of unilateral American operations could undermine Mr. Saleh’s tenuous grip on power.

Four civilians were reportedly killed in airstrikes targetting al Qaeda-linked militants in Yemen last Friday.

4. Murder by Health-Insurance


This is the University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona -- the scene of a perverse crime. 

Early last year, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a budget that eliminated the Children’s Health Insurance Program, denying health care to 47,000 low-income kids in Arizona. But she wasn't finished. Last October, Arizona also eliminated funding for certain organ transplants covered under Medicaid.  

According to the Arizona Daily Star, in January, the medical center confirmed that “a patient who was refused a liver transplant because of state budget cuts has died.”

The death was "most likely" due to the defunding of the organ transplant, said Jo Marie Gellerman, University of Arizona Department of Surgery spokeswoman.... 

The patient is the second person to reportedly die while waiting for one of the transplants that were cut. Between 95 and 100 people were taken off a waiting list for organ transplants when the defunding took effect. 

5. Modern-Day Hoovervilles, In the Richest Country in the World 


This is a tent city outside Sacramento, California, last summer. There are now approximately 14 million Americans who want a job and can't find one. In March, the average length of joblessness for all unemployed workers was a record 39 weeks. Many of those people relied on their unemployment insurance to get by until it ran out and they still haven't found work -- they've come to be known as "99ers," as extended unemployment benefits in many states last a maximum of 99 weeks. Researchers at the National Employment Law Project estimate there were 3.9 million 99ers out of work last year, and project a similar number for 2011.

Meanwhile, as I noted last month, it's not only Washington that has largely turned a blind eye to the catastrophic jobs situation; a study of the corporate media's economic coverage conducted by the  National Journal found that “major U.S. newspapers have increasingly shifted their attention away from coverage of unemployment in recent months while greatly intensifying their focus on the deficit.” (The study was conducted before Anthony Weiner's penis started making major news.)

But the real obscenity here is that rather than make a concerted effort to help these people, communities across the country are breaking up tent cities as they pop up, and giving law enforcement  new tools with which to harass the homeless.