Tea Party and the Right  
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Dangerous Levels of Overlap Between Xenophobic 'Minuteman' Movement and Tea Party

Glenn Spencer's land was once a meeting ground for anti-immigrant vigilantes. Now, with many of the same faces present, he hosts the Tea Party Nation.

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Time and time again, we are told that illegal aliens just come here seeking a better life. We are told that it is illegal to hire them, but you cannot ask their status to determine if they are here illegally. We are told that the government must learn how to better serve its new constituents by hiring interpreters, further diluting resources already stretched to the breaking point. We are told the illegal alien is now a resident of our communities, entitled to all the protections of the law, but none of its penalties. We are told that "diversity" is a goal, and although it is unclear when we will reach this utopian dream, it involves more Hispanics and fewer of everyone else.

We are told anyone who does not go along with the above program (or pogromme) is a "racist," "xenophobe" or a "vigilante." These terms are used interchangeably by people for whom English is an optional language. We are told that American culture does not exist, and even if it did, it is not worth defending because it is "racist....

We are told that raping young girls, marrying extremely young girls, ogling women in an aggressive manner and using a child as a human shield are all cultural differences that we must learn to accept. Really. As an American, I am not accustomed to being "told" anything. In fact, it is "we" who generally do the telling. "We the people" are finished listening.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke at a Tea Party Nation rally on the border last August.


David Holthouse is a Media Matters' investigative journalist focusing on violent extremism. He previously worked for the Southern Poverty Law Center. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, the Nation, American Prospect and other publications.

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