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Is Beyonce's New Video Feminist?

How the new clip from the world's biggest pop star plays out female empowerment, stilettos and all.

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With that being said, I absolutely love Beyonce’s new song and video. I can relate to the words and performance. In so many ways, this song embodies how I experience my own feminism. Futhermore, I respect that Beyonce is Beyonce. She is not Gloria Steinem. She is not bell hooks. And she is not supposed to be. Her brand if feminism is and should be a reflection of who she is.

Thank you, Beyonce, for making a song for the women who embrace their wholeness, even in the face of ridicule and repression. For us sisters who have no qualms about marching into a feminist conference in sky high shoes and perfume. For the women who understand that feminism has a million different faces.

Who run this mutha?!?!?!?



Natasha Thomas-Jackson, who performs under the name of Theory, is an MC, spoken-word artist, wife, mother, and Executive Director of RAISE IT UP!
Youth Arts & Awareness, a nonprofit organization that blends performance art, youth engagement and social justice initiatives. Her work has been
highlighted in the Emmy award-winning short documentary Making Genes Dance, and she has been a featured performer and speaker on numerous stages
and panels. Natasha's work has been recognized by John Hopkins University and the Black Congressional Caucus. In 2008, she received two awards from
the National Hip-Hop Political Convention for her commitment to hip hop activism. Follow her on Twitter at NatashaTheory or e-mail

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