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CNN Anchor Don Lemon Has Come Out of the Closet, But He's Not Ready to be the Black Gay Poster Child

The 45-year-old Louisiana native explains why now was the perfect time to come out as a gay man.

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There are things I thought I would never recover from…never survive. I remember leaving [his abuser’s] room and feeling dirty and wanting to take a shower. Then, I remember being in college and wanting to act on my sexuality and those feelings of isolation and depression. There are things I thought I would never recover from—like the molestation. People told me that it’s a sin to be gay and that I was going to hell and that’s it an abomination: look at me now. So it’s okay. The guy that reads you the news has done okay for himself and is happy and thriving and you can do it too.

I just want every gay person who struggles with coming out to feel the way that I do today. I wish everyone could feel this feeling and then no one would struggle with this because the truth is the truth is the truth. And if someone loves you then they’re going to love you no matter who you are.

Keli Goff is a contributing editor for . She is the author of Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence (Basic Books, March 2008) and “The GQ Candidate” which will be published by Atria in July 2011.

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