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Why Does the Right Adore Herman Cain?

Cain is the most interesting candidate the GOP has yet fielded, and his rise to prominence is an important sign of the times.

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The man has got his conservative tropes down. And he’s banking on the supposition that the racist birther crowd and its wacky associated groups will adopt the position of Republicans at a national level, who are more than happy to embrace black and Latin folks who toe the line (the Bush administration having promoted Gonzales, Rice and Powell to the highest levels of government).


But we mustn't confuse the progress of racial minorities through the GOP with progress in the fight to advance racial equality in the United States. Ultimately, opponents of racism have to fight not only for the personal success of individual members of repressed minorities but, far more importantly, for the policies that further justice and erode inequality. 

J.A. Myerson is the executive editor of  The Busy Signal  and a frequent contributor of Foreign Policy in Focus .

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