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America's Largest Newspaper Launches a Nasty Attack on Grandma and Grandpa

The Rupert Murdoch-owned, right-wing Wall Street Journal is lying, plain and simple.

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Furthermore, those decisions often must be made under conditions in which the patient is incapacitated, under severe stress, or needs action immediately, with no time for discussion, let alone comparison shopping....

The idea that all this can be reduced to money — that doctors are just “providers” selling services to health care “consumers” — is, well, sickening. And the prevalence of this kind of language is a sign that something has gone very wrong not just with this discussion, but with our society’s values.

Ultimately, these are just the details. The really big lie is a simple bait-and-switch: we face high deficits, which Cogan and a legion of his fellow conservatives desperately want you to believe is the result of crazy politicians handing out fat checks to everyone and their cousin. The reality, of course, is very different.

Here's a picture that tells a 1,000 words about the true causes of our deficit – please note the absence of Social Security or Medicare.

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