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Why Does the Govt. Treat Peaceful Enviro Activists More Harshly Than Extremists Who Aim to Kill?

Author Will Potter explores how environmental and animal rights activists concerned with civil disobedience and property destruction are labeled domestic terrorists.

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A real issue I've had in doing this work is feeling like it contributes to public fear in some ways, by raising awareness of these issues and makes people feel more afraid and makes people wonder if they're on terrorist lists. I always try to emphasize that our fear is being used as a tool. The way we combat that fear is by being open about it and by talking to people -- talking to your friends and to your community, talking about it through your work and fighting it head on.

BS: How can we get beyond the fear?

WP: I think the most important thing through all of this -- the reason I wanted to write about this -- is that when people learn what is going on, sometimes the first response is fear, and it can be overwhelming, intimidating, and depressing. But I also firmly believe that the more we learn about this, it can also be empowering. Tying back to what we talked about before, going through all of these court documents and interviewing people everyday, it is overwhelming but it's also empowering because you realize what these corporations and politicians are doing. It's not magic. It's not a superpower. These are campaigns that have been done throughout history to social movements, and they're largely the same tactics. I think by taking a close look at what's going on, we can see it for what it is and be better able to fight back against it.

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